In the last few years, Yahoo has become one of the best web hosting providers in the world. More than 30 million websites are hosted by Yahoo servers and thousands are added every day. The variety of plans and the reliability of the servers make Yahoo web site hosting a good choice for any kind of site.

One of the main advantages of Yahoo web site hosting is the fact that Yahoo Company uses some of the best hardware you can find. The hosting services are powered by Yahoo Search Engine and are connected by redundant connections. This means that when a server crash, another server will take its place until the first server is repaired or replaced.

The main plans

There are three main web hosting plans: Starter, Standard and Professional. The Starter plan comes with 5GB of disk space and 200GB of monthly transfer. This plan is recommended for sites with maximum 25,000 pages and 500,000 visitors per month and includes 200 e-mail accounts. The Standard plan has twice the space and the bandwidth of the Starter plan and 500 email accounts for your domain. It is suitable for web sites up to 50,000 pages with maximum 1 million visitors per month. The Professional plan allows you to host sites with 100,000 pages, 1.2 million visitors per month and 1000 email accounts. You get 20GB disk space and you can create as many MySQL databases as you wish.

Please note that Yahoo web site hosting is not suitable for webmasters who need hosting services for multiple domains, unless they create an account for each domain. The prices are very good if we consider the quality of the Yahoo services and the plenty of features each hosting plan provides. In addition, Yahoo offers lots of discounts for both new and current customers.

Other features

All the hosting plans have lots of features included. After you complete the payment, Yahoo offers a domain name for free, at your choice. The control panel is very easy to use and give you access to lots of tools like Site Builder, guest books, counters and scripting and database tools like Php, Perl and MySQL.

If you ever had problems with your site, then you will definitely appreciate the Yahoo customer service. The specialized personnel are always there for your needs, 24 hours daily, and 7 days a week. Moreover, you can contact Yahoo web site hosting by phone, and you will find this thing very useful if you don’t have enough experience to start a web site.

As a final conclusion, Yahoo web site hosting is one of the leaders in this domain, and if you want to start a small business on internet, or just to create a personal page, you can count on their services.

Windows web hosting offers the capability of designing a web site using the popular Windows operating system. The Windows operating system if the most famous operating system in the world and the most widely used. Windows is a set of operating environments and operating systems for use on personal and business computers.

Windows first began in 1985 and was an add-on to the DOS program. Windows eventually became prevalent after the Microsoft systems began to implement greater control in the market place.

Windows web hosting allows the operator access to the basic system. Essentially this gives people an advantage over using more unfamiliar operating systems and effectively is easy-to-understand. The interface tends to be a lot easier to understand than other systems, so many companies world wide use it as their central operating system. Using it as a part of the web hosting interface for your web site is advantageous for that reason.


I will not briefly outline some of the components involved in Windows web hosting and the terminology involved. A “web server” is a piece of software that accepts requests over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and delivers images and HTML pages. An “FTP server” is the means by which one can transfer their files to and from the web server.

A “web browser” is the means by which you view the web. Many Windows web hosting companies offer a control panel which you can use with your web browser to implement various ideas through to your personal or business web site. A “mail server” consists of two parts, one of which is the “Post Office Protocol” or “POP” and the other is the “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” or the “SMTP”. The mail server uses these elements to send and receive emails through various servers.

A “database server” is used to gather data from the visitors of your site, among other things. A database server can also allow you to have your visitors gather and search data in many different ways through whichever service you decide to implement. The server can allow you to conduct surveys, offer discussion forums or chat rooms and implement other ways to generate consumer and visitor feedback for your web site.

Windows web hosting generally includes all of the aforementioned elements and offers them on the simple Windows interface making it generally easy to operate and maintain. In the world of internet technology, one needs all the help they can get and Windows combined with a viable web hosting agent can greatly assist the web designer.

Web site hosting review

Web site hosting means providing place for a personal web site on a certain hosting company’s servers, that makes it viewable on the Internet. So, if you have poor knowledge on web site hosting, keep reading this web site hosting review.

The basis of web site hosting

You are probably asking yourself why you need web site hosting. Well, imagine that you have created a personal website, and you want everyone to see it; imagine that you want to develop an e-commerce web site and you want to have as many visitors as possible. This is the moment when you most need web site hosting.

It is true that you can place the site on your computer, but what would you do in case the internet connection fails. If you want your web site to be viewable 24 hours a day seven days a week, then a web site hosting provider is the answer for you.

Several types of web hosting

To make this web site hosting review complete, I should mention the several types of web hosting.

Free shared hosting

First, there is the free shared hosting. This is mostly beneficial for small personal web sites. If you are a beginner in this area, a shared hosting with no fee is perfect for your non-commercial web site. Unfortunately, you can not expect to have the same technical support, disk space, PHP support or bandwidth that other people pay for.

Paid shared hosting

Paid shared hosting is one of the most popular types of web hosting. Small, medium or large professional sites, they all use shared hosting. A whole server will cost too much, and a site will have no need for the whole space, so shared hosting is ideal for them. Besides the low costs, the sites will also have proper technical support, and some other features such as e-mail, PHP or MySQL. The disadvantage is of course the insecurity of shared servers.

Dedicated servers

For a large e-commerce professional web site, the dedicated server is the most reliable solution. This will provide you with all the necessary software; you will have a lot of space and bandwidth and all the other facilities that your web site needs. The only disadvantage appears if you are inexperienced in server administration. Just read a web site hosting review or a forum before you make the final decision.


A good web site hosting review would not overlook the co-location. This sub type of dedicated server is not so popular, and it is designed for everyone’s personal needs. Also, because you will be the only one using it, the costs will also be supported by yourself.

Virtual private servers

The last of all the web site hosting types is the virtual private server. This is a type of web site hosting that is mainly based on dividing a physical server into several small virtual ones. It will give the same possibilities as a dedicated server but the advantage is that it will cost less.

Now, that we have examined all the different types of hosting services, you can decide which type of hosting is the most suitable for you. I just hope that this web site hosting review will help you make the best decision.

Whether for personal or business use, it is important to have your problem in the world of internet business solved with a web hosting solution. There are several different options available to the consumer in terms of web hosting agencies. Many offer a variety of packages to help meet your needs as a web site designer, owner, or future owner.

Many sites offering a solid web hosting solution offer most of the items needed to maintain, build, and manage your own web site. Software, personalized domains, and email accounts are only pieces to the overall web design puzzle that are offered by many companies offering web hosting services.

The Rules

It is always standard business practice to check with your web host as to what content is allowed on the web server and on your own personal web site. There often are service regulations that prohibit certain types of material that the consumer should familiarize themselves with. Many web hosting solution web sites also have regulations against items such as pirated software (warez), non-licensed MP3’s or music files, software, hacker programs, and archival materials.

What do web hosting solution web sites offer?

Many web sites will offer you package deals with which you can select a certain scope of services. Some of these services include virus/spam filters, extensive databases, web discussion forums, chat room capabilities, blogs, “Front Page”, the capability to analyze site traffic, streaming video, image galleries, software, and scripting options among other possibilities.

A lot of web hosts offer guarantees that cover different periods of time or site traffic limitations. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the web hosts “help” files as to become acquainted with the amount of customer service knowledge a particular web site can offer you, especially if you are a novice in the world of web design. It is always important to “know your technology” in the world of business and personal web design, and a good web hosting solution agency will assist you as much as they can in that regard.

The usage of the Microsoft program “Front Page” is often supported be several web hosting agencies. This is important because it grants a lot of control to the web designer in an easy to use program. Other agencies offer their own “easy to use” programs with which to design your web site, whether it includes buttons or images or check boxes is all up to the personal discretion of the user. In the world of web design, whether for personal or business purposes, it is important to become as knowledgeable as possible.

If you have a personal site, you will definitely have to find a web hosting provider. Good for you, there are hundreds of web hosting providers to offer their services. Moreover, because there are more and more customers that look for web site hosting providers, the competition brings more and more advantages to them. The providers will always offer cheaper and better services. We could name web hosting a buyers market.

One of the latest trends in web site hosting is the web hosting site builder service. This is a great solution for those who want to have a personal web site but have poor HTML knowledge. You have now the possibility to choose a hosting company that will also design, build, publish, edit and maintain your website.

How to build your web site

A web hosting site builder is actually an easy to use program that allows even to the inexperienced ones to design their own web site. So, it will be easy for anyone to have a personal web site that is engine-approved, easily navigable, attractive for visitors and most important that won’t require any HTML code knowledge.

Here is how things work with such a web hosting site builder. You will start with a pre-designed web page. You will have several templates available, and you will choose the one you like best. There will be numerous web sites categories available for you to choose from: sales, self-promotional, service provider, in-house, and so on. You will fill in a form with your information and customize the look of your future web site.

The choice that you will make on the text sizes, backgrounds colors, fonts graphics, borders and all these options will fully depend on your personal taste. A professional web hosting site builder program will allow you to choose any color sets, backgrounds, designs and graphics.

Other advantages

It is a great thing that you can build your own web site without any experience in this field. Moreover, you will be able to use JavaScript and Flash-based content. A web site will not attract too many visitors if you do not use these features, and a boring and non-interactive site is the last thing we wish for.

Also, a web hosting site builder provider will also offer several Preview options. This way, you will be able to know how your web site looks in any stage of its construction. You will be able to see the same thing as your visitors. All of these features and a shopping cart will ensure you will have a great web site.

So, web hosting site builder is the best solution for you. All your problems on how to design your web site will vanish once you start using these programs. Just imagine that even a child could do it.

Most of you have to pay for every web service you use, and this also includes a web hosting shopping cart service. So why would you need a web hosting shopping cart? The web host puts your site on the web, so is an indispensable service. Web hosts which offer shopping carts both provide the online shopping capability which allows your customers to buy and order your products and host you web pages.

Get a Shopping Cart for Free!

If you are looking for packages which include for free, ecommerce merchant account integration, web hosting and shopping cart systems, just check out Easy Store Creator.

For absolutely no extra charge Easy Store Creator offers you a web hosting ecommerce merchant account integration as well as a web hosting shopping chart. Your web hosting ecommerce merchant account integration will allow you to accept credit cards from any of their merchant account partners for payment of goods which is a necessity in the online business world. Half of your prospects can be lost without a way to process the credit cards.

OS Commerce

The OS Commerce allows merchants and business owners to create online stores quickly and easily. If you are wondering about the features, just take a look! It has add/edit/remove categories, manufacturers, products, reviews and customers; categories to categories structure; configuration parameters in database; tax zones, classes, and rates; foreseen checkout procedure; bestseller lists; secure transactions with SSL; backup tool; number of products in each category.

And also it includes payment and shipping modules; dynamic product attributes; customer accounts; order history; customer address books; temporary and permanent shopping carts; product reviews by customers; E-mail notifications; search catalog for manufacturers or products; display what other customers have brought; statistics for products and customers.

Affordable Web Hosting – Shopping Cart

If you cannot afford an expensive shopping cart you can always look for iPowerWeb for only $7.95 per month and it has 250 GB data transfer, password protected directory, domain hosting, SSL secure service, Agora shopping cart and PayPal shopping cart.

Also BlueHost can be an option for $6.95 per month with 250 GB transfer, free domain, 1000 POP3 Email accounts, 20 sub domains, OS Commerce shopping cart and Agora shopping cart.

Lunarpages includes for $7.95 per month 3,000 MB web site storage, password protected directories, SSL secure service, 15 sub domains, front page extension, flash, shopping cart and more.

Just search the market and find the best offer for you!!

Web Hosting Reseller Plan

The reselling of web hosting services became a very profitable business in the last years. With an investment of one hundred dollars, you can get up to one thousand, but this involves a lot of work by your side. Each important company has a web hosting reseller plan and many times, it includes a dedicated server for your hosting account.

A Profitable Business

Reselling web hosting services means to split up the bandwidth and the disk space to lots of small customers, and main objective is to get from your clients at least the money you have spent for your reseller account. You will be able to provide the high quality web hosting services to your customers without being forced to learn everything about server maintenance or work with sophisticated hardware equipment.

Before you rent a dedicated server, you should learn how to use a reseller control panel otherwise you may lose lot of precious time. The giant companies that provide web hosting reseller plans include also a software program called Control Panel, which helps you to administrate everything that can be managed on your server. The first things that you should learn are creating ad deleting accounts, and sharing the disc space and bandwidth between your clients.

Tips for Resellers

Reselling web-hosting services is a very competitive business and your success depends on the reliability of your dedicated server. There is, also, the option to buy a Virtual Server account but this means that on the real server, there are hosted more virtual servers, and your services reliability depends on your server neighbors. Therefore, do your best to rent a strong dedicated server with your web hosting reseller plan if want to impress your future customers.

You can get much more money from your clients if you split your resources to hundreds of small accounts. However, it is very difficult to keep under observation all the users and if you do not pay enough attention to this detail, all your customers will be disappointed and soon you fill find bad reviews about your services all over the internet.

Do not forget to ask your company about the feature of hosting multiple domain names. Not all your clients will love to host their sites on a sub domain and you may lose the most important customers.

Check out the prices for customer support. It is useless to rent a server with a web hosting reseller plan at thousand miles away without having knowledge of server maintenance if you do not have specialized personnel to help you, at low prices.

Do not host on the same server both important clients and customers with free or cheap account. Many of the cheap account are opened for e-mail spam, search engine spam, adult or illegal content. In this case, all your customers will suffer the consequences.

Web Hosting Package

Putting your ideas and business on the Internet is definitely a plan that many people have. Selecting a web hosting package is essential to making this happen for any person or business. Here are 3 tips for selecting a web hosting package, which will help you to save time and money.

Associated Costs

The free hosting sites out there can be good for anyone who wants to make a simple website where friends and relatives can come and see what is going on in your life. You will not receive your own domain name; you will have to deal with web hosts advertising on your website, you will need to make sure that you are getting the free web hosting package and not a trial.

Then there are shared and dedicated web hosting packages. You will definitely want to do a little bit of research before choosing a hosting package. Making sure that your web hosting package offers your growth for your business is also essential. Watch out for offers of unlimited bandwidth or space, these can get you into trouble, as they generally come with escalating price scales.

Business Reputation

Checking out the company as much as you can before choosing a web hosting package is a smart move. See what other customers are saying about them and do not be afraid to ask for references and contact information so that you can do the research required to assure that you will be getting the best of service. Running a business check on Google see if they are listed in the group listings is also a good idea.

Customer Service

Knowing about the web hosting company’s customer service before you sign up for the web hosting package is a very good idea. Checking to make sure they are offering 24-7 phone support is available if you need it. Testing the email support before you signup for service is another way of checking their response time to assure that you will get a response. They should respond to your request with 1 hour.

Asking where the data center is located in case you cannot contact anyone is the key to having a successful web hosting experience. Other things to ask about are slow service, security, and registration of domain names, contracts, server access and anything else you have questions about.

By following the tips above you will be able to spend more time enjoying life rather than worrying about selecting the right web hosting package.

Web Hosting Forums

If you are a website owner, learning about web hosting services is always useful. No matter what time of business are you running and how large it is, a reliable web hosting provider is an important factor in developing it and increasing your revenue.

A web hosting forum is a discussion board on the Internet on web hosting related issues. It is a place where you can look over reviews of different web hosting services, check listings of the best-rated providers, read web hosting related news and post questions related to web hosting. If you are interested in web hosting, a web hosting forum can help you in many ways.

Check ratings

If you want to build a website and you need a web host, you have to decide between the hundreds of services available. If you are a newbie in web hosting, you may not know where to start your search. The top host listing on a web hosting forum is always a great starting point.

Read Reviews in Web Hosting Forums

Some of the web hosting forum members have done some research on many web hosting providers and can offer useful information. If you have a list of a few potential hosts, reading some reviews of their services can be very useful. You can find out information that is not available on their website, especially if it refers to the pitfalls of the services they are offering.

Check Discussion Threads

Members in a web hosting forum get involved in discussions on several topics. You can browse discussion threads on a certain topic that is of interest to you. You can also find comparisons between different web hosting services, which can help you make a better decision on which provider would suit your needs best.

Post Questions

Some of the members of web hosting forums are very experienced in this field and can provide answers to your questions related to web hosting. Just make sure you explain the problem clearly in order to improve your chances of getting appropriate answers.

Read the News

Web hosting forum members usually share a special interest in this field. The whole purpose of a forum is sharing the information with others. When a member finds out interesting news about web hosting or learns about a new service that has been launched, he usually posts an announcement on the forum so that others can learn about it too.

Meet People

Web hosting forums are a great place to meet experts not only in web hosting, but in other areas related to online businesses as well. This is a great opportunity to get some useful advice from people who are more experienced in a certain field and are willing to share their experience with others.

Forums are better than other sources of information, such as e-books or articles, because they are more dynamic and allow you to get answers to your specific questions. You can get involved in a forum too, share your knowledge and experience with others and be part of a virtual community.

Web Design and Hosting Plan

There is no easy way to choose a web design and hosting plan, as each company will have different needs and will want to accomplish different goals with their website. We have provided you with some information that will be of use to you in choosing a web design and hosting plan company.

Web design and hosting plans can give you the tools you need to have a successful, business online. Good web design and hosting plans can be what makes or breaks your online business. Finding a company that can assist you with your web design and hosting plan needs is not a difficult task.

Knowing What you Want

Many companies that offer web design and hosting plans offer control panels, which allow give you full administration over the domains and files that are being hosted. It is very important for each company to know what type of web design they want and what they need in a hosting plan. This includes knowing how much space your web hosting plan need to include, whether or not it includes a control panel to handle administration of the website or

Web Design

Web design companies and even individuals can offer a great price if you can find the right person for the job. Many companies start at about $600 for a simple web design and their prices will vary depending on the amount of graphics the web site design consists of. Having and idea of what you want your site to look like will be a great help for any web designer. Also making sure that you are part of the process and having them send you updates is equally important.

Hosting Plans

Choosing a hosting plan is not always simple; there are a lot of things to remember when choosing a web hosting plan. This includes choosing a managed or unmanaged hosting plan. Unix or Windows web hosting plans are available from just about any hosting company out there. Prices on web hosting plans vary depending on the hosting company and what you are getting with the plan. They generally have several plans to choose from and each plan can grow with your company.

This article does not include everything you should look for in choosing a web design and hosting company. For more information on web design and hosting plans doing a simple search and then looking at the plans that are available you will be able to find what you are looking for.