Most of you have to pay for every web service you use, and this also includes a web hosting shopping cart service. So why would you need a web hosting shopping cart? The web host puts your site on the web, so is an indispensable service. Web hosts which offer shopping carts both provide the online shopping capability which allows your customers to buy and order your products and host you web pages.

Get a Shopping Cart for Free!

If you are looking for packages which include for free, ecommerce merchant account integration, web hosting and shopping cart systems, just check out Easy Store Creator.

For absolutely no extra charge Easy Store Creator offers you a web hosting ecommerce merchant account integration as well as a web hosting shopping chart. Your web hosting ecommerce merchant account integration will allow you to accept credit cards from any of their merchant account partners for payment of goods which is a necessity in the online business world. Half of your prospects can be lost without a way to process the credit cards.

OS Commerce

The OS Commerce allows merchants and business owners to create online stores quickly and easily. If you are wondering about the features, just take a look! It has add/edit/remove categories, manufacturers, products, reviews and customers; categories to categories structure; configuration parameters in database; tax zones, classes, and rates; foreseen checkout procedure; bestseller lists; secure transactions with SSL; backup tool; number of products in each category.

And also it includes payment and shipping modules; dynamic product attributes; customer accounts; order history; customer address books; temporary and permanent shopping carts; product reviews by customers; E-mail notifications; search catalog for manufacturers or products; display what other customers have brought; statistics for products and customers.

Affordable Web Hosting – Shopping Cart

If you cannot afford an expensive shopping cart you can always look for iPowerWeb for only $7.95 per month and it has 250 GB data transfer, password protected directory, domain hosting, SSL secure service, Agora shopping cart and PayPal shopping cart.

Also BlueHost can be an option for $6.95 per month with 250 GB transfer, free domain, 1000 POP3 Email accounts, 20 sub domains, OS Commerce shopping cart and Agora shopping cart.

Lunarpages includes for $7.95 per month 3,000 MB web site storage, password protected directories, SSL secure service, 15 sub domains, front page extension, flash, shopping cart and more.

Just search the market and find the best offer for you!!

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