Windows web hosting offers the capability of designing a web site using the popular Windows operating system. The Windows operating system if the most famous operating system in the world and the most widely used. Windows is a set of operating environments and operating systems for use on personal and business computers.

Windows first began in 1985 and was an add-on to the DOS program. Windows eventually became prevalent after the Microsoft systems began to implement greater control in the market place.

Windows web hosting allows the operator access to the basic system. Essentially this gives people an advantage over using more unfamiliar operating systems and effectively is easy-to-understand. The interface tends to be a lot easier to understand than other systems, so many companies world wide use it as their central operating system. Using it as a part of the web hosting interface for your web site is advantageous for that reason.


I will not briefly outline some of the components involved in Windows web hosting and the terminology involved. A “web server” is a piece of software that accepts requests over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and delivers images and HTML pages. An “FTP server” is the means by which one can transfer their files to and from the web server.

A “web browser” is the means by which you view the web. Many Windows web hosting companies offer a control panel which you can use with your web browser to implement various ideas through to your personal or business web site. A “mail server” consists of two parts, one of which is the “Post Office Protocol” or “POP” and the other is the “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” or the “SMTP”. The mail server uses these elements to send and receive emails through various servers.

A “database server” is used to gather data from the visitors of your site, among other things. A database server can also allow you to have your visitors gather and search data in many different ways through whichever service you decide to implement. The server can allow you to conduct surveys, offer discussion forums or chat rooms and implement other ways to generate consumer and visitor feedback for your web site.

Windows web hosting generally includes all of the aforementioned elements and offers them on the simple Windows interface making it generally easy to operate and maintain. In the world of internet technology, one needs all the help they can get and Windows combined with a viable web hosting agent can greatly assist the web designer.

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