In order to make sure you get what you’ve been looking for from a professional web site hosting server, here are a few things you should take into account before deciding on a web hosting provider:


A professional web site hosting provider should have a bandwidth of at least 45 mbps. You’ll also need to find out how much of the available bandwidth is currently used. The percentage should be less than 30% and the peak bandwidth should be about 60%-70%. The bandwidth utilization terms should be specified within the contract.

Proximity to Backbone

You should also try to find out how many hops separate the professional web site hosting provider from the ISP they connect to (the backbone). Each server that the Internet traffic must travel through until reaching the backbone is a hop. You should choose a web hosting provider with only a few hops. A large number of hops are associated with a higher risk for something to fail.

Server Setup

Ask your potential professional web site hosting provider what kind of hardware components are included in the server. A good host should use high quality hardware components and preferably multi-processor servers.

Redundancy & Reliability

You should also consider connectivity issues. A professional web site hosting provider should have multi-homed Internet connections to prevent downtime. Your potential host should have back-up power supply as well in case of power failure.

Disk Space

You shouldn’t need more that 25 MB storage space to begin with, but it’s very important to learn about the possibilities you have to increase it over time.

Site Building & E-commerce Tools

If you are planning to build a virtual shop any time soon, there are many professional web site hosting services which include site building tools such as ShopSite by Icentral, Commerce Publisher, by iCat and SoftCart, by Mercantec. Find out what kind of packages your potential host is providing.


The most commonly used protocol for online transactions is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). A digital certificate is also used to check the seller’s identity. The most frequently used are VeriSign and Thawte.

Payment Processing

If you want to develop an ecommerce business, you should also check the payment processing service that your potential professional web site hosting provider is using. The payment processing service is used to mediate credit card transactions between a merchant account and an ecommerce business. The most common are Segue Systems, ICVerfiy and Cybercash.

Back-End Integration

You might need to integrate information from your website into your accounting database system. A professional web site hosting provider should offer you some data integration assistance. Ask about the scalability that your potential host can provide.


The account setup usually costs between $50 and $150. If you haven’t registered a domain name yet, you will have to pay another $100 – $200 to have your host register it for you and $70 for the first two years to Network Solutions. The software licenses may range from $249 to $3,500 at low end.

Defining your requirements strictly is very important for choosing the best professional web site hosting provider. However, getting all the information you can about web hosting will certainly help you in making the right decision.

Before choosing the best web hosting service, we should understand what web hosting means.

A web-hosting provider is a company that keeps sites on servers with permanent connection to the internet. Usually, these servers have very large hard disks, strong processors, lot of memory and a very fast connection to the internet. By using such services, you will free yourself from worrying about complicated server maintenance and technology.

Features Offered

First, you have to make a list of features required by your site, to make it running. The most important ones of them is the disk space. Nowadays, many of the best web hosting services includes at least 20-80GB for a regular account. However, there are also many companies offering just 1GB for the same price. If you do not compare the prices and the features lists before buying a web hosting service, you may fall into the trap.

Bandwidth size is another important parameter of any web-hosting plan. In order to find how much bandwidth you need, you have to multiply the average size of a page of your site with the number of page views per month. This way, you will obtain the actual bandwidth consumed by your site, but should buy more bandwidth if your site is growing.

Other important features are connected with the access to the scripting languages, to the database management system or to the email server. You should check if the web hosting services includes these features at the parameters required by your site.

Customer Support

You cannot say that you found the best web hosting service until you receive answers to your questions in less than 3 hours. Just imagine how much money you would loose if you had a very important site and the server crashed, but nobody cares because this happened during the weekend. In order to avoid this kind of web hosting providers, you should read some reviews written by other customers and independent media, and to check if there are phone numbers, e-mail addresses and geographic addresses displayed on the web-hosting provider’s contact us page.

Popularity and Money-back Guarantee

The easiest way to discover the best web hosting service is to find some publications featuring a list of the top most popular web-hosting providers. A company with millions of satisfied customers will do the best for your site. However, not all of the popular providers are good. This top-list is changing every month and you should not be surprised if the best provider is on the 5th place after a month.

If you have already bought web-hosting services from a company, but you are not satisfied with their quality, or your site is not running at all, then you should receive your money back. The best web hosting service should include a money back guarantee for at least one month.

ASP web hosting is a type of web hosting service that uses ASP technology. ASP technology is Microsoft’s technology on the server-side that is used for web pages. ASP stands for “Active Server Pages” and is marketed as an add-on for Internet Information Services. Programming an ASP web site through the use of ASP web hosting is generally regarded as being quite simple, and this brief article will take you through some of the specifics involved in the process.

ASP web sites are made using “built-in objects” which correspond to a specific group of functions used to create “dynamic web pages”. A dynamic web page is a web page that contains content that can be moved such as images or form data. The data can be moved without the need to reload or refresh the page. ASP technology functions best with dynamic web page construction.

There are various versions of ASP technology, for example “ASP 3.0”. I shall use ASP 3.0 in all examples of web hosting technology because it is one of the more commonly used versions of ASP. ASP 3.0 contains several of the built-in objects including “Application” and “Session”. “Session” is an object that maintains various functions throughout the pages of your web site.

An ASP web hosting firm that uses ASP 3.0 is generally equipped with the proper technological information to provide the user with adequate system information at all times and of course, basic customer support. There are several versions of ASP; the most recent is ASP.NET version 5.0 and this version hit the market in July, 2015. Released with Visual Studio 2015. Many companies function using this version.

ASP Hosting Basics

An ASP web hosting firm gives the basics of ASP to the consumer and uses the technology to assist and maintain their web hosting company. There are various promotions in place that can collaborate with the ASP technology to offer different discounts and time trial-type selections with which to administer your web site and its products to the consumers.

It is important to shop around, as always, to discover which ASP host will help you with the different aspects of your business and/or personal web site and the needs you have that go with it. In a general sense, as with anything else, finding a good ASP web hosting service can be difficult but very rewarding as well. Finding the best team to work with your team is an asset to all business and personal operators in the world of global marketing, personal marketing and services, and general internet technology.

The web hosting industry has grown over the years and with all the competition in the industry finding out who is the best web hosting service is very difficult and definitely a task. There is no doubt that you can get better service with web hosting companies now than you could get 10 years ago. The market for web hosting companies has opened up so much you have to know what you want in a hosting company before you can decide which is the best web hosting company.

When considering the best web hosting plan available for you, take into consideration what your web hosting needs are and the plans for your website in the future. For companies that have no clue what type of web hosting plan they will need, we suggest that you start with a plan in $5-$10 dollar range then move change you plan once you have decided what you need.

Deciding which is Best

In deciding which is the best web hosting service you should look at reseller accounts. This is because resellers have begun to offer web hosting plans at much lower rates that web hosting services. Having experience with the most sought after hosting plans available today, it is known that if you are paying more than $20 a month for the service, you are paying too much.

The best web hosting plan will be easy once you find out if your website will feature a control panel for making changes to the pages, adding files and graphics to the site, or deleting unnecessary files. Then deciding if you will need a Unix or Windows platform for your web hosting plan will be dependant upon what you plan to do with your website.

Knowing the Features

Knowing the features of the best web hosting plans is essential to your business success. After all you will not want to pay for something that you are not getting or will not need with your hosting plan. When looking for a web hosting plan you will want to make sure that they offer email support 24 hours a day and are available seven days a week. Live online web hosting support is essential to your web hosting account.
Offering a variety of different options, either type of web hosting plan may be what you need. Now keep in mind that not all software can be used with both types of web hosting plans, so knowing which is the best web hosting plan for you, is a requirement. Typically to choose the best web hosting plan will be to make sure that you are getting all the features, have enough space and can grow if you website needs to.