Web Hosting Package

Putting your ideas and business on the Internet is definitely a plan that many people have. Selecting a web hosting package is essential to making this happen for any person or business. Here are 3 tips for selecting a web hosting package, which will help you to save time and money.

Associated Costs

The free hosting sites out there can be good for anyone who wants to make a simple website where friends and relatives can come and see what is going on in your life. You will not receive your own domain name; you will have to deal with web hosts advertising on your website, you will need to make sure that you are getting the free web hosting package and not a trial.

Then there are shared and dedicated web hosting packages. You will definitely want to do a little bit of research before choosing a hosting package. Making sure that your web hosting package offers your growth for your business is also essential. Watch out for offers of unlimited bandwidth or space, these can get you into trouble, as they generally come with escalating price scales.

Business Reputation

Checking out the company as much as you can before choosing a web hosting package is a smart move. See what other customers are saying about them and do not be afraid to ask for references and contact information so that you can do the research required to assure that you will be getting the best of service. Running a business check on Google see if they are listed in the group listings is also a good idea.

Customer Service

Knowing about the web hosting company’s customer service before you sign up for the web hosting package is a very good idea. Checking to make sure they are offering 24-7 phone support is available if you need it. Testing the email support before you signup for service is another way of checking their response time to assure that you will get a response. They should respond to your request with 1 hour.

Asking where the data center is located in case you cannot contact anyone is the key to having a successful web hosting experience. Other things to ask about are slow service, security, and registration of domain names, contracts, server access and anything else you have questions about.

By following the tips above you will be able to spend more time enjoying life rather than worrying about selecting the right web hosting package.

Personal Web Site Hosting

In the last few years web site hosting services became very cheap. There are many companies offering personal web site hosting for free and with some extra few dollars per month you can have the required services to keep the personal page of a VIP. The most common personal pages are the blogs. The word blog is the short for the web log and represents a kind of journey where you can post everyday a new article. Blogs became very popular and almost every person who has access to internet has a blog.

Requirements for a Personal Page

Usually, personal web site hosting services include access to thousands of templates and images. Most of the personal pages don not require database access or scripting languages and the prices for a hosting account vary between zero and four dollars per month. Many of the big web hosting companies, including the major search engines offers hosting for free for personal pages. The features include statistics of daily and monthly visitors, the possibility to publish automatically articles from others sites through RSS, scripts for content management and many others.

Optionally, you can add a guestbook. If the personal web site hosting service does not include a guestbook, you can configure a free guestbook from other site. The guestbook is a very important feature of any personal web site, because you can read the suggestion left by the visitors. Another important feature for a personal web page is the photo gallery. Almost all of the personal web site hosting providers offer free scripts to store and organize photo albums. If your provider does not offer such a script, you may easily find one on internet.

At least one e-mail account should be included in your personal web site hosting package. If you spend money to buy a domain name that contains your name, probably you would like to have a personalized e-mail address. The disk space required by a personal web site depends on the size of your site and photo gallery, but usually it is less than 500 MB. The required monthly bandwidth depends on the number of visitors that access your site every month. If your site receives at least 1000 visitors every month and you have many photos and pages made with Macromedia Flash, then your personal web site hosting account should include 10 GB of monthly bandwidth.

Uploading and Configuring a Personal Page

Many web-hosting providers offer ready to run web pages. You only have to choose the colors for the design and to write a few words about you. The whole process takes up to 10 minutes and you do not have to learn anything about web hosting. If you are not a VIP, this is the best way to create a nice personal web page.