Most of you have to pay for every web service you use, and this also includes a web hosting shopping cart service. So why would you need a web hosting shopping cart? The web host puts your site on the web, so is an indispensable service. Web hosts which offer shopping carts both provide the online shopping capability which allows your customers to buy and order your products and host you web pages.

Get a Shopping Cart for Free!

If you are looking for packages which include for free, ecommerce merchant account integration, web hosting and shopping cart systems, just check out Easy Store Creator.

For absolutely no extra charge Easy Store Creator offers you a web hosting ecommerce merchant account integration as well as a web hosting shopping chart. Your web hosting ecommerce merchant account integration will allow you to accept credit cards from any of their merchant account partners for payment of goods which is a necessity in the online business world. Half of your prospects can be lost without a way to process the credit cards.

OS Commerce

The OS Commerce allows merchants and business owners to create online stores quickly and easily. If you are wondering about the features, just take a look! It has add/edit/remove categories, manufacturers, products, reviews and customers; categories to categories structure; configuration parameters in database; tax zones, classes, and rates; foreseen checkout procedure; bestseller lists; secure transactions with SSL; backup tool; number of products in each category.

And also it includes payment and shipping modules; dynamic product attributes; customer accounts; order history; customer address books; temporary and permanent shopping carts; product reviews by customers; E-mail notifications; search catalog for manufacturers or products; display what other customers have brought; statistics for products and customers.

Affordable Web Hosting – Shopping Cart

If you cannot afford an expensive shopping cart you can always look for iPowerWeb for only $7.95 per month and it has 250 GB data transfer, password protected directory, domain hosting, SSL secure service, Agora shopping cart and PayPal shopping cart.

Also BlueHost can be an option for $6.95 per month with 250 GB transfer, free domain, 1000 POP3 Email accounts, 20 sub domains, OS Commerce shopping cart and Agora shopping cart.

Lunarpages includes for $7.95 per month 3,000 MB web site storage, password protected directories, SSL secure service, 15 sub domains, front page extension, flash, shopping cart and more.

Just search the market and find the best offer for you!!

Web Hosting Forums

If you are a website owner, learning about web hosting services is always useful. No matter what time of business are you running and how large it is, a reliable web hosting provider is an important factor in developing it and increasing your revenue.

A web hosting forum is a discussion board on the Internet on web hosting related issues. It is a place where you can look over reviews of different web hosting services, check listings of the best-rated providers, read web hosting related news and post questions related to web hosting. If you are interested in web hosting, a web hosting forum can help you in many ways.

Check ratings

If you want to build a website and you need a web host, you have to decide between the hundreds of services available. If you are a newbie in web hosting, you may not know where to start your search. The top host listing on a web hosting forum is always a great starting point.

Read Reviews in Web Hosting Forums

Some of the web hosting forum members have done some research on many web hosting providers and can offer useful information. If you have a list of a few potential hosts, reading some reviews of their services can be very useful. You can find out information that is not available on their website, especially if it refers to the pitfalls of the services they are offering.

Check Discussion Threads

Members in a web hosting forum get involved in discussions on several topics. You can browse discussion threads on a certain topic that is of interest to you. You can also find comparisons between different web hosting services, which can help you make a better decision on which provider would suit your needs best.

Post Questions

Some of the members of web hosting forums are very experienced in this field and can provide answers to your questions related to web hosting. Just make sure you explain the problem clearly in order to improve your chances of getting appropriate answers.

Read the News

Web hosting forum members usually share a special interest in this field. The whole purpose of a forum is sharing the information with others. When a member finds out interesting news about web hosting or learns about a new service that has been launched, he usually posts an announcement on the forum so that others can learn about it too.

Meet People

Web hosting forums are a great place to meet experts not only in web hosting, but in other areas related to online businesses as well. This is a great opportunity to get some useful advice from people who are more experienced in a certain field and are willing to share their experience with others.

Forums are better than other sources of information, such as e-books or articles, because they are more dynamic and allow you to get answers to your specific questions. You can get involved in a forum too, share your knowledge and experience with others and be part of a virtual community.

Web Design and Hosting Plan

There is no easy way to choose a web design and hosting plan, as each company will have different needs and will want to accomplish different goals with their website. We have provided you with some information that will be of use to you in choosing a web design and hosting plan company.

Web design and hosting plans can give you the tools you need to have a successful, business online. Good web design and hosting plans can be what makes or breaks your online business. Finding a company that can assist you with your web design and hosting plan needs is not a difficult task.

Knowing What you Want

Many companies that offer web design and hosting plans offer control panels, which allow give you full administration over the domains and files that are being hosted. It is very important for each company to know what type of web design they want and what they need in a hosting plan. This includes knowing how much space your web hosting plan need to include, whether or not it includes a control panel to handle administration of the website or

Web Design

Web design companies and even individuals can offer a great price if you can find the right person for the job. Many companies start at about $600 for a simple web design and their prices will vary depending on the amount of graphics the web site design consists of. Having and idea of what you want your site to look like will be a great help for any web designer. Also making sure that you are part of the process and having them send you updates is equally important.

Hosting Plans

Choosing a hosting plan is not always simple; there are a lot of things to remember when choosing a web hosting plan. This includes choosing a managed or unmanaged hosting plan. Unix or Windows web hosting plans are available from just about any hosting company out there. Prices on web hosting plans vary depending on the hosting company and what you are getting with the plan. They generally have several plans to choose from and each plan can grow with your company.

This article does not include everything you should look for in choosing a web design and hosting company. For more information on web design and hosting plans doing a simple search and then looking at the plans that are available you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Personal Web Site Hosting

In the last few years web site hosting services became very cheap. There are many companies offering personal web site hosting for free and with some extra few dollars per month you can have the required services to keep the personal page of a VIP. The most common personal pages are the blogs. The word blog is the short for the web log and represents a kind of journey where you can post everyday a new article. Blogs became very popular and almost every person who has access to internet has a blog.

Requirements for a Personal Page

Usually, personal web site hosting services include access to thousands of templates and images. Most of the personal pages don not require database access or scripting languages and the prices for a hosting account vary between zero and four dollars per month. Many of the big web hosting companies, including the major search engines offers hosting for free for personal pages. The features include statistics of daily and monthly visitors, the possibility to publish automatically articles from others sites through RSS, scripts for content management and many others.

Optionally, you can add a guestbook. If the personal web site hosting service does not include a guestbook, you can configure a free guestbook from other site. The guestbook is a very important feature of any personal web site, because you can read the suggestion left by the visitors. Another important feature for a personal web page is the photo gallery. Almost all of the personal web site hosting providers offer free scripts to store and organize photo albums. If your provider does not offer such a script, you may easily find one on internet.

At least one e-mail account should be included in your personal web site hosting package. If you spend money to buy a domain name that contains your name, probably you would like to have a personalized e-mail address. The disk space required by a personal web site depends on the size of your site and photo gallery, but usually it is less than 500 MB. The required monthly bandwidth depends on the number of visitors that access your site every month. If your site receives at least 1000 visitors every month and you have many photos and pages made with Macromedia Flash, then your personal web site hosting account should include 10 GB of monthly bandwidth.

Uploading and Configuring a Personal Page

Many web-hosting providers offer ready to run web pages. You only have to choose the colors for the design and to write a few words about you. The whole process takes up to 10 minutes and you do not have to learn anything about web hosting. If you are not a VIP, this is the best way to create a nice personal web page.

Fast Web Hosting

One way to find a fast web hosting is to search the web and find an offer that you think is convenient at a reasonable price. Further you can find some starting points which will help you decide what is best for your business!

Boot Networks

Boot Networks is a web hosting provider which offers services such as web design, network services, cheap fast web hosting, web programming and computer service. The benefits of their services are fast web hosting that is secure and affordable.

To make a successful web site you should know that the most important aspect is the web design. Visitors are attracted by web site architecture, design, animation, a good web page layout and graphic design and this is why Boot Network includes it in their services.

Their service division will help you build your direct connection to the internet or your intranet. Achieving full network connectivity and saving a lot of time and money will help your business to develop.

Also Boot Networks can provide reliable, low cost fast web hosting connection, friendly representatives and 24 hour technical support

Specialists in HTML, Java, Java Script PHP and other programming languages will be at your service to put on the internet your legacy application and to add to your web pages dynamic data.

If you leave in the San Diego area you can also benefit of on-site support and consulting services.

Boston Computer Network

Boston Computer Network also provides fast web hosting services for your personal domain names and business by keeping a low client-to-server ratio, their Internet Data Center and fast, balanced and fine-tuned web hosting servers. They make sure that all sites hosted on their servers have adequate system resources available to accomplish their tasks.


Net2’s entire web hosting packages comes with POP 3 and web-based email, ultra fast web space, online Control Panel, virus scanning, FTP as standard, graphical site statistics, Perl 5.8 and spam filtering.

Inmotion Hosting

Here you can find fast web hosting both for individuals and business and includes free domain for life, free web builder, site counter, photo album or blogs, easy to use control panel, business class email, detailed site statistics, award winning 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime.

And you can find much more if you just look for it! Also if you are not decided which fast web hosting is better for your business don’t worry because sometimes you can try it for free.

A Guide to Domain Name Web Hosting

Many of us are curious about the internet and what it can do for us on both personal and professional levels. One of most common ways to take advantage of the World Wide Web is through operating your own web site. A web site is a collection of web pages on the internet under one domain name or web address. At this time, there are over 80 million web sites on the World Wide Web. Becoming one of that 80 million requires a domain name, and domain names are acquired through domain name web hosting.

Domain name web hosting involves having a company “host” your web site and your web site’s name. For a fee, a web hosting company will essentially rent out the web space for you to place your web site and will also document your web site’s desired name. There are several companies that host domain names for web sites and finding the right one for you can be complicated.

The best way to ensure your needs is met as a web site owner is to have a list compiled of what you wish to accomplish on your web site. With a proper plan, you can effectively “shop around” to the right domain name web hosting companies and find the price and hosting benefits that work best with your own web site and your ideas for it. A quick internet search finds hundreds of these companies, so care must be taken to find the one that best fits your business or personal plan for your web site.

What’s in a Name?

Domain name web hosting has a special importance because as anyone associated or familiar with advertising knows: a name is everything. Many people simply browse the internet in search of something interested and a good web domain name can help build traffic on your site, even if your web site content is incomplete or uninteresting. A name means the difference between McDonald’s and a gourmet steak house. Eventually it comes down to product, but the first part in any good business plan is getting people to investigate what you have to offer.

Select a name that works with your goals. If you are advertising yourself as a person, try using your name or variations of it. If you are selling a product, integrate the product name or something about what the product does in your domain name. Getting people to view your web site is the first, big step in succeeding on the World Wide Web.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In the world of web hosting, one of the most important things to look for is a web hosting company that is dedicated to your needs as a consumer or a business owner. Finding a dedicated web hosting company to look after those needs can be a complicated process. A business plan is important as the need to integrate your goals with what a web hosting company can offer can greatly affect the success of your web site and the traffic it generates.

Once your business plan is in place and you’re aware of the markets and demographics, finding a dedicated web hosting company to work with you is the next step in setting up your empire on the World Wide Web. First, having a good knowledge about what you’re looking for with specifics is key. The following few paragraphs will outline some of those specifics to further assist you in discovering what to look for in the world of web hosting companies.


Bandwidth is the amount of information download time from a specific web server. Many web hosting companies offer different amount of bandwidth complete with different price ranges. Depending on the integration and purpose of your web site, you may need different amount of bandwidth. It is important to find a dedicated web hosting server that can work with your bandwidth needs at an affordable price.

There is a form of bandwidth theft, often called “leeching” in which a “hot link” is placed to your web site and the downloads on it. This effectively steals your bandwidth, so selecting an appropriate bandwidth program can assist in terms of bandwidth theft. There a few ways to prevent leeching, but a good web hosting company will offer different ways to police hot-linking and perhaps offer better rates as well. The best way to discover this information is to ask your web host about their plans and offers.

Web Server

A server is a computer system that provides service to clients over a network. Finding a reliable service is a key component to selecting a dedicated web hosting agent for your web site and its needs. An operating system should be used by the server that works well with the software or hardware you will offer or need for your web site. The operating system (or “OS”) should be reliable and should effectively integrate with your web design principles.

For more information on servers or bandwidth, consult various web hosting companies and examine how they can directly help your business or personal goals on the internet.