A Guide to Domain Name Web Hosting

Many of us are curious about the internet and what it can do for us on both personal and professional levels. One of most common ways to take advantage of the World Wide Web is through operating your own web site. A web site is a collection of web pages on the internet under one domain name or web address. At this time, there are over 80 million web sites on the World Wide Web. Becoming one of that 80 million requires a domain name, and domain names are acquired through domain name web hosting.

Domain name web hosting involves having a company “host” your web site and your web site’s name. For a fee, a web hosting company will essentially rent out the web space for you to place your web site and will also document your web site’s desired name. There are several companies that host domain names for web sites and finding the right one for you can be complicated.

The best way to ensure your needs is met as a web site owner is to have a list compiled of what you wish to accomplish on your web site. With a proper plan, you can effectively “shop around” to the right domain name web hosting companies and find the price and hosting benefits that work best with your own web site and your ideas for it. A quick internet search finds hundreds of these companies, so care must be taken to find the one that best fits your business or personal plan for your web site.

What’s in a Name?

Domain name web hosting has a special importance because as anyone associated or familiar with advertising knows: a name is everything. Many people simply browse the internet in search of something interested and a good web domain name can help build traffic on your site, even if your web site content is incomplete or uninteresting. A name means the difference between McDonald’s and a gourmet steak house. Eventually it comes down to product, but the first part in any good business plan is getting people to investigate what you have to offer.

Select a name that works with your goals. If you are advertising yourself as a person, try using your name or variations of it. If you are selling a product, integrate the product name or something about what the product does in your domain name. Getting people to view your web site is the first, big step in succeeding on the World Wide Web.

When you plan to develop a personal web site, the most convenient solution for you is the free web hosting. This is ideal if you are about to get started with your web presence. The serious problem occurs when you have to find the best free web hosting provider. And, when you have little or no experience in this area, the job will sometimes look impossible. Fortunately, every problem has a solution.

Is free Really Profitable?

Nowadays, there are probably hundreds of web site hosting providers that will offer their services for free. The question that comes now is if this is beneficial for your business. We all know that every thing has a price, so the free web hosting will come with both advantages and disadvantages. The most important advantage is of course, the fact that it is free.

Most of the times, free web site hosting companies come with some requirements from the provider, such as a banner on your site, an advertising message or advertising pop ups. So, it is free as long as you do what you are asked for. This happens because the provider will have to support several costs, such as the bandwidth, or the space that in your case will be quite limited. So, a free web hosting provider will be a bad choice for a complex e-commerce site with real time statistics and payment options.

The Positive Aspects

The positive aspects of the best free web hosting will depend on the nature of the web site. If your site is non-commercial, all that ads imposed by the web site hosting provider will not bother you. In this case 100 Megs of space will be more that enough for a small personal web site. Even though the web site design tools provided will be limited, you will get them for free. This is a reliable solution for a beginner.

With some proper research you will be able to find web site hosting providers that offer more design tools, bandwidth or disk space. The best free web hosting providers will be the ones that will provide absolute freedom on your web site and of course, free domain name. Also, some of the best free web hosting providers will make attractive offers in banners exchange. This will help you make your web site more and more popular. This is quite reasonable if you have a commercial web site.

So, when it comes to the best free web hosting, it all depends on your needs. The type of web site that you will launch will be the most important aspect. This and the other aspects mentioned above will be decisive.