There is no point in telling you how important it is to get secure web hosting because you already know… all you need is information.

Pine Digital Security

Using the Pine Secure Web Hosting you will benefit from powerful features such as the latest security patches, protection against defacing, protection of your customer’s information, protection against interception of sensitive information, free service for tour e-mail, high-speed redundant internet connectivity, statistical reporting and search engines.


Before the components of the hosting infrastructure are deployed, Pine checks for security weakness. And more, for the infrastructure components, Pine reviews the latest security patches and applies them when they are required for maintaining a secure hosting environment.

Unauthorized users could cause major embarrassment by alteration of your website’s content. To avoid this Pine provides sophisticated protection against defacing and ensures that your messages reach the target audience safe.

If your web site is capable to store information collected from your customers, you should make sure that unauthorized persons will not access this information. Secure web hosting service ensures your customers that their information is safe.

Also Pine ensures you that the sensitive information you send or receive from your customers will not be intercepted by allowing you to encrypt the communication.
Your website will be easily found by your prospects because Pine will make sure it is submitted to the most popular search engine.

You can easily access the detailed Webalizer statistical overviews through the web based management interface.


For basic secure web hosting service the price per month is 45.00 EURO, for an extended secure web hosting service you will have to pay 65.00 EURO per month, and if you want a professional secure web hosting service be ready to pay 175.00 EURO per month.

Secure Sockets Layer

If you want your transmitted information to be safe you would need a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which provides a method to encrypt the date sent between the web browser and server. You will need a SSL certificate from a trusted agency to allow secure communication. DataSnake because is an official Comodo partner, is supplying their InstantSSL certificates.

SSL certificates are used to verify your identity and ownership of your domain name you want to secure. You will have to pay just £49 for one year and you may get a discount for 2 or 3 years certificates.

There should be no problem for you to find more information about secure web hosting, just search the web or ask your friends.

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