Finding reliable web hosting can be very difficult sometimes. If you’ve just started a new business and you income is still low, it might be even more difficult, because web hosting providers generally focus rather on the corporate market than on the fast growing small businesses. However, even as a small business owner, there are a few steps you could follow to fin a reliable web hosting provider.

Define your needs:

l How much bandwidth and disk space will you need?
l What operating system would be best for you?
l Will you need CGI or database features?
l Do you have streaming requirements?
l Will your website change a lot in the foreseeable future?
l Do you need a web host just for your own needs or for clients as well?

Gather recommendations:

l Read reviews posted on web hosting directories, but be cautious of those directories owned by web hosts
l Get information on reliable web hosting services from website owners
l Get recommendations from mailing lists and trade associations
l Read webmaster newsgroup postings

Make a shortlist:

Make a list with the less complained about and most recommended hosts
Figure out which of these web hosts can provide the specific services you need and is scalable enough to grow with your business
Determine which of these hosts is within your price range

Ask questions:

l Ask the potential host lots of technical questions to see if it can provide reliable web hosting services
l Ask questions about technical support and their commitment to customers
l Be cautious if they are trying to avoid a certain question

You will improve your chances of finding a reliable web hosting provider for your business if you follow these few recommendations:
l If you own a small business, you may feel more comfortable with a small and reliable web hosting provider who understands your needs
l Don’t get seduced by those offering more features that you need but provide poor or no technical support
l Cheap web hosting is often associated with low technical support
l Choose a reliable web hosting provider who is also flexible and scalable
l Make sure you can add more domains over time
l Check for the kind of technical support they are offering
l Evaluate their technical knowledge
l If you notice any signs of rudeness or unresponsiveness, you may want to cut that host off your shortlist
l Do not sign any ling-term contracts immediately
l If you have several websites, consider hosting them with several reliable web hosting providers

A company that has been in business for several years is more likely to provide reliable web hosting services. No matter what your needs are, getting all the information you can about web hosting providers will offer you a better chance to find the one that works best for you.

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