The providing of web site hosting services became a very profitable and competitive business in the last few years. In order to find more customers, few companies focused on developing customized services for certain niches. One of these niches is church web site hosting.

God and Internet

More and more churches take the decision to improve the contact with people by creating a web site. But one of the biggest problems is that you can’t find a serious template for this kind of websites easily. Very few webmasters worked for a church in their past and the creation of a church web site became a challenge.

Another important problem is given by the ethics of the people working for a church site. The clerics wouldn’t like to host their site on a server with bad neighborhood like adult or illegal sites. In addition, they prefer programmers that never worked at this kind of sites.

The Hosting Solution

If you are looking for church web site hosting, the best solution is to buy services from a specialized company. There are few choices in this area and they are all good choices. Many of the church web site hosting providers offers additional services like web design and web promotion.

Their services include free access to thousands of images and templates designed especially for church sites. In addition, you will get forums using advanced scripting languages and databases, newsletter scripts, photo and video gallery and many others. But that’s not all. For those who can afford, some companies offer live video transmissions from the churches at special events. For this feature, you need an account with lot of bandwidth but it worth the effort when people have the possibility to watch online important events at the church.

Other important feature included in these hosting plans is the possibility to open virtual shops. Now you don’t need to go to a specific church or monastery to buy a book, a crucifix or a talisman, because you can order them online. This feature costs 50 dollars on activation and a few percents of any transactions.

Less than ten companies provide church web site hosting services. Due to this fact, the prices to host a site for a church are over the average prices, but this is still the best solution. These servers are very rarely attacked by hackers and the many features included in the hosting package, make your effort to be rewarded.
As a conclusion, church web site hosting is a very good choice for both church sites and personal pages. There are some non-profit companies that offer web hosting for churches and faithful people at no costs because they are fully supported by generous people.

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