Before choosing the best web hosting service, we should understand what web hosting means.

A web-hosting provider is a company that keeps sites on servers with permanent connection to the internet. Usually, these servers have very large hard disks, strong processors, lot of memory and a very fast connection to the internet. By using such services, you will free yourself from worrying about complicated server maintenance and technology.

Features Offered

First, you have to make a list of features required by your site, to make it running. The most important ones of them is the disk space. Nowadays, many of the best web hosting services includes at least 20-80GB for a regular account. However, there are also many companies offering just 1GB for the same price. If you do not compare the prices and the features lists before buying a web hosting service, you may fall into the trap.

Bandwidth size is another important parameter of any web-hosting plan. In order to find how much bandwidth you need, you have to multiply the average size of a page of your site with the number of page views per month. This way, you will obtain the actual bandwidth consumed by your site, but should buy more bandwidth if your site is growing.

Other important features are connected with the access to the scripting languages, to the database management system or to the email server. You should check if the web hosting services includes these features at the parameters required by your site.

Customer Support

You cannot say that you found the best web hosting service until you receive answers to your questions in less than 3 hours. Just imagine how much money you would loose if you had a very important site and the server crashed, but nobody cares because this happened during the weekend. In order to avoid this kind of web hosting providers, you should read some reviews written by other customers and independent media, and to check if there are phone numbers, e-mail addresses and geographic addresses displayed on the web-hosting provider’s contact us page.

Popularity and Money-back Guarantee

The easiest way to discover the best web hosting service is to find some publications featuring a list of the top most popular web-hosting providers. A company with millions of satisfied customers will do the best for your site. However, not all of the popular providers are good. This top-list is changing every month and you should not be surprised if the best provider is on the 5th place after a month.

If you have already bought web-hosting services from a company, but you are not satisfied with their quality, or your site is not running at all, then you should receive your money back. The best web hosting service should include a money back guarantee for at least one month.

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