Do you have two or three sites and want to pay a lower price for hosting? Then choose a multiple domain web-hosting plan. Most of the major webs hosting companies offer this solution to help webmasters to administrate their web sites at a lower price. This type of web hosting account looks like a usual account, but you have the possibility to host more sites, each one having its own domain name.

Advantages of multiple domain web hosting

The main advantage of this type of hosting is the fact that you can administrate your sites very easy. If you can host many web sites without being forced to keep a list with usernames and FTP or MySQL passwords for each site. A username and a password will give you instant access to all your sites.

Another important advantage of multiple domain web hosting is the sharing of server resources between your sites. Let us suppose that you have a big site, three medium sites and six small sites. Instead of buying three types of accounts, you can purchase a multiple domain plan where all your sites will fit well, without spending money on unnecessary disc space and bandwidth. If all your sites will significantly grow, you can move the biggest of them on a separate account without disturbing the activity on the other sites.

Disadvantages of multiple domain web hosting

Search engine optimizers discovered the main disadvantage of multiple domain web hosting. It seems like the main search engines do not consider link from a site to another if the both sites have the same IP address, when calculating the page ranks. To avoid this inconvenience, you should ask your provider to give you an IP address for each of your main sites.

Another disadvantage of multiple domain web hosting is the fact that most of these plans are expensive or have lots of limitation if they are cheaper. Moreover, it is normal to be like that. If a person buys a hosting account for unlimited domains and he uploads 100 sites with lot of complex PHP and MySQL script, the server will crash instantly. Most of the limitations are set upon the number of MySQL queries per hour, the total number of hits per hour, or the number of e-mail sent per day.

However, the multiple domain web hosting will always be the preferred solution for webmasters having more than one site. You can have a main web site, and build another ten sites on the same server, until they will need new accounts, without spending any dollar. In addition, if one of your new sites will not have the estimated success, you do not have anything to lose, and can make another experiment using the same account.

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